Team Brazil wins the 2016 World Adaptive Surfing Championship

Davi Teixeira Surfing

In an historic day for world surfing, team Brazil took home the gold medal in the inaugural 2016, olympic style team event which took place over 4-days in California.

Team Brazil, who are the first world champions in adaptive surfing, included 11-year-old local hero Davi Teixeira, who took home the gold medal in the AS-5 assist category. Davi surfed against defending gold medalist Jesse Billauer in the final. His wave choice earned him a 7.37 lead when the horn blew, locking him into the first position and making him the youngest Adaptive Surfing Champion ever.

Team Brazil won two out of six divisions in the event. They overtook the host USA team who were in the lead by day three and went on to achieve a silver medal.

Team GB finished in ninth place.

ISA President Fernando Aguerre said:
“This was an incredible finish to a monumental week of competition for the sport of Adaptive Surfing.”

“Throughout these four days we witnessed the sport grow and develop leaps and bounds. The six world champions, the 77 athletes, the 22 countries and team Brazil’s gold medal performance will forever be a part of the history of adaptive surfing.”

He added;
“This event has built upon the platform created in 2015 to launch the sport towards Paralympic inclusion. However, the Paralympics are not the final goal, they are the ultimate achievement. The final goal is to spread the joy of adaptive surfing around the globe, which is what we accomplished this week.”

Image credit: Surfos Magazine

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