Tynemouth Surf Co winner Best Surf School Award 2017

The Best Surf School Award 2017

Sunday night saw the best of British Surfing congregate for the annual UK Surf Awards at the Carnmarth Hotel in Newquay, and The Surfing Sumo were there once again to announce the… Read more
Win Nixon Watch

Vote for Your Favourite Surf School

We’re stoked to announce that our Surf School of the Year vote is back! The Surfing Sumo will again be sponsoring an award for the Best Surf School in the UK, and… Read more
Surfing Mentawai Islands

5 reasons why you need to visit the Mentawai Islands

Situated about 80 miles off the coast of west Sumatra, the Mentawai Islands are home to some of the best waves on earth and has become the bench mark for the ultimate… Read more
Emily Currie British surfer

Meet Britain’s multi-talented surfer Emily Currie

British surfer Emily Currie is flying high. Currently ranked second on the WSL Womens’ European Longboard tour, she’s set to take the UK female longboarding scene to a whole new level. But… Read more
Neil Kelly Isle of Man

Surfing the Isle of Man: Europe’s lesser known surf spot

Most people in Britain have heard of the Isle of Man and know that it’s famous for the annual TT motorcycle event. But what you probably didn’t know is where it is… Read more
Ellie Turner flying high

British female surfing’s biggest prospect…and she’s only 15!

15-year-old surfer Ellie Turner from Bude is one of the most exciting prospects in European women’s surfing today. 2016 was an amazing year for Ellie, including first place finish on the UK… Read more
Why surfing is so hard but so worth it

Why surfing is so hard…but so worth it!

So, you’ve a had a surf lesson on holiday, had heaps of fun and loved it. Now, you fancy yourself as the next Mick Fanning or Steph Gilmore. Awesome! The question is,… Read more
Barbarian Days

7 must-read surf books that will inspire any surfer

Expand your surf knowledge out of the water! Get inspired with our pick of the best surf books to motivate you towards being a better surfer; Surf for your Life - Mick… Read more
Mick Fanning Cloudbreak

Different types of surf breaks – a beginner’s guide to surfing waves

Ever heard the term ‘surf breaks’ and not really sure what it meant? Don’t know your peelers from your close-outs? Or even why it’s important? As a beginner or novice, it’s hard… Read more
Learning to surf at 61 why youre not too old

Learning to surf at 61: why you’re never too old to surf

Surfing is hard. Fact. Unless you’re a kid with no fear, super flexibility and the annoying ability to learn anything within minutes. As adults, our bodies are probably not in the best… Read more
Get back in the surf after injury

How to get back in the surf after an injury

It’s typical isn’t it? You’re really in the groove with your surfing, scoring some great waves and seeing real progression. But then on a flat day, you fall off your skateboard and… Read more
Saltwater Brewery Edible Six-pack

US brewery develops edible six-pack rings to help save marine life

It’s estimated that US citizens consume more than 6 billion gallons of beer each year - 50% of which comes in cans. Most of the plastic rings that hold those cans together… Read more
Boost your surf sessions with a healthy diet

How to maintain a healthy surfer’s diet and boost your sessions

Picture the scene. You wake up early for a dawny, the surf’s firing and you’re desperate to get in there. But you’re hungry and haven’t got time to mess about with breakfast...so… Read more
2010 mavericks competition

6 of the world’s heaviest waves

When Laird Hamilton pioneered tow-in surfing in the mid 1990s, it was a major light-bulb moment for big wave surfing. It opened the door to previously unridden breaks and allowed surfers with… Read more

6 exercise hacks to improve your surf fitness

If getting surf fit is one of your goals for this year, but you struggle with time, motivation or money for a gym membership, you’ll need a different approach. Sitting on the… Read more
Buying your first surfboard

Buying your first surfboard: common mistakes and how to avoid them

So, you’ve cut your teeth all summer hiring a big yellow foamie. You’re catching waves, standing up consistently and you’re serious about surfing. Now it’s time to take it to the next… Read more
Vote for your favourite surf school

Vote for your favourite Surf School and you could win a GoPro!

We’re stoked to announce that this year, The Surfing Sumo will be sponsoring an award for the Best Surf School in the UK, and we’re giving you the chance to vote for… Read more
Positive Vibes Jamaican Surfers

Gudauskas Brothers send 200 boards to surf starved Jamaicans

It may seem crazy, given the amount of excellent surf spots in Jamaica, but due to high import taxes and tariffs, the country is starved of modern equipment and surf shops. Despite… Read more
Surf pop-up

5 ways to improve your surf pop-up

The pop-up is something that many surfers struggle with, especially beginners. If you’re fumbling to get your feet via your knees and getting frustrated, then look no further than our 5 handy… Read more
Surfer girl

8 ways to get better at surfing

Surfing can be tricky to master with constantly changing variables so progress is often slow. If you’re getting frustrated, don’t give up! Here’s our 8 simple hacks to improve your surfing and get… Read more

Surfer Girl Stories – Jenny

We all have our own surfing journeys - how and why we got into it and for some of us, how it has changed our lives. In this first of a series… Read more