The Surfing Sumo Survives the Storm

The Surfing Sumo at Boardmasters

Wow, what a weekend!

For those of you lucky enough to attend Boardmasters this year, you’ll be more than aware of how the weather played a big part in the festivities. From basking in the sunshine (and the amazing sunset) on Friday to rockin with Snoop Dogg in the rain on Saturday, then eventually running for cover and strapping everything down on Sunday!

Hopefully, hurricane Bertha didn’t stop your enjoyment and you all made it home safely. As you probably saw, there was quite a bit of carnage in the aftermath on Monday morning. Thankfully, our stand survived and we were able to pack it down in relatively calm conditions on Monday afternoon.

Sadly, due to some pretty extreme weather on Sunday, the organisers took the difficult decision to cancel the event. This meant we missed a whole day of meeting and greeting our fans and sharing our knowledge and experience with our wannabe surfers, not to mention hooking them up with one of our sweet T-shirts.

In light of this, and to make your mid week come down a little more bearable, we’ve decided to extend our prize draw to the end of this week and to make our t-shirts available to buy online for the same super low festival price!

So, if you want to bag yourself one of these exclusive t-shirts (as worn by The Surfing Sumo staff) for the bargain price of just £7.50 click here to buy online.

If t-shirts aren’t your thing, and because we love to give stuff away, you can send us a stamped, addressed envelope to the address below and we’ll send you a Surfing Sumo sticker! We’ve only got a few left after the event so get in quick before they all go!

Send your stamped addressed envelope to:

The Surfing Sumo
Well House
Truro Road
PL30 5HF

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