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Malia Manuel

Is Malia Manuel being unreasonable?

Born and raised in Hawaii, travelling the world surfing and a championship title under her belt... if you're sitting in a drab office in a city right now, you're probably thinking it's… Read more
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6 Weeks of Aloha

The Vans Triple Crown has long been regarded as the pinnacle of the professional surfing circuit. Taking place at the end of the WSL championship tour and lasting for 6 weeks it… Read more

I Sunk Your Battleship!

It's not often we promote clothing brands here at The Surfing Sumo, but today we got sent something a bit cool and loads of fun! ISYB (I Sunk Your Battleship) is a… Read more
Private Surf Lessons with The Surfing Sumo

Why a Private Surf Lesson is Right for You

As well as group sessions, many surf schools now offer private surf lessons on a one-to-one or two-to-one basis. They’re a great way of focussing more closely on your surfing, whether you… Read more
Rip Currents and Surfing

Rip Currents – What you need to know!

Rip currents affect all surfers and beginners who surf beach breaks. Getting caught in one can be a terrifying and potentially fatal experience, but with the right knowledge you can easily learn… Read more
Mark Healey Big Wave Surfing

Mark Healey – Big Wave Surfer and Shark Whisperer

Mark Healey takes a moment from his water adventures to chat with Josh Linnes of Viva Tropical and share his many adventures with spearfishing, riding sharks, and how to stay calm when… Read more
Tatiana Weston Webb

Tatiana Weston-Webb – The New Girl on Tour

This year the World Surfing Championship Tour sees only one new name in the womens pro series - Tatiana Weston-Webb. Aged just 18 she has got off to a great start already… Read more
Wave Chaser

Chasing Waves

Some of the more savvy among you will have worked out by now that an on the spot or 'eye-ball' report is much more useful than some of the computer generated forecast… Read more
Surf Action

Giving Something Back – 5 Awesome charities that support surfing

Every time we surf, we take waves from mother nature and there is a tendency to take it for granted. But what we are doing in return? What can we do to… Read more