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Motivate yourself to surf by surfing with a friend

8 ways to motivate yourself to go surfing

Every surfer struggles with motivation and there’s always an excuse not to surf - it’s too cold, we’re too busy, or the waves aren’t good enough. But once we get off our… Read more
Bethany Hamilton big wave surfer

5 awesome big wave chargers – and they’re all girls!

Contrary to what the surfing media would lead you to believe, it’s not just the guys who shred massive waves. In the past few years, some of the best female surfers in… Read more
Take care of your wetsuit

5 hacks to preserve the life of your wetsuit

If you want to surf for longer, you’ll need a good quality, proper fitting wetsuit. They don’t come cheap and it’s annoying when you have to shell out for one. That’s why… Read more
Cast from the Endless Summer surf film

11 must-see surf films

From jaw dropping shred fests to old school classics and feel good flicks, here’s our top 11 must-see surf films that every surfer should watch! Endless Summer This 1966 classic is probably… Read more
Surf pop-up

5 ways to improve your surf pop-up

The pop-up is something that many surfers struggle with, especially beginners. If you’re fumbling to get your feet via your knees and getting frustrated, then look no further than our 5 handy… Read more
Kelly Says Surf in Australia

Can Kelly Slater’s mantra really improve your surfing?

When two UK surf girls adopted Kelly Slater's mantra of 'surfing no matter what' to inspire and motivate them, they embarked on an epic adventure around the globe and kept us entertained… Read more
Kid learning to surf on a surf lesson

Is surfing safe for kids?

With the school holidays fast approaching and thousands of families heading to the beach, learning to surf will undoubtedly top the ‘to do’ list for kids who've never tried it before. But… Read more
Surfer girl

8 ways to get better at surfing

Surfing can be tricky to master with constantly changing variables so progress is often slow. If you’re getting frustrated, don’t give up! Here’s our 8 simple hacks to improve your surfing and get… Read more

Surfer Girl Stories – Jenny

We all have our own surfing journeys - how and why we got into it and for some of us, how it has changed our lives. In this first of a series… Read more