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Upcycled Handplane

How to Make an Upcycled Handplane

Handplanes have enjoyed a surge in popularity recently and for good reason. They’re loads of fun and you don’t need hours of practice to get maximum enjoyment! But you don’t need to… Read more
Positive Vibes Jamaican Surfers

Gudauskas Brothers send 200 boards to surf starved Jamaicans

It may seem crazy, given the amount of excellent surf spots in Jamaica, but due to high import taxes and tariffs, the country is starved of modern equipment and surf shops. Despite… Read more
Surfer Girl Standing at the edge of the ocean

Why don’t more women surf?

Women’s surfing has moved forward in leaps and bounds in recent years. Pro’s like Stephanie Gilmore and Carissa Moore shred as hard as the guys and with gnarly spots like Fiji on… Read more
Sunset surfing

That Summer Surfing Feeling

Autumnal swells may be popping up on the horizon, but we’re still enjoying hot sunny days and the freedom of surfing in our summer wetsuits and shorties. It’s been a pretty epic… Read more
John John Florence - Surfing Rainbow

10 surfers you should definitely follow on Instagram

Pro surfers, shapers and surf photographers have the best jobs and lifestyles on the planet, and thanks to Instagram, us kooks can get a daily insight into their enviable lives. So, if… Read more
Surfing on Crowded Beach

Best places to surf in the UK to escape the summer crowds

Hot sunny weather, sandy beaches and long summer days sound idyllic but they aren't usually a surfer’s best friend. Ok so we get to shed the thick neoprene and surf in (slightly)… Read more
Surfing alone

Breaking down the barriers to surfing alone

Since day one of my surfing journey, I’ve always surfed with other people. I found it more fun and safer knowing that someone’s got my back. But as I want to get… Read more
Surfing Kelly Slater's Wave Park

Are wave parks as good as surfing in the sea?

No one wants wave parks to work more than me, and one in particular in North Wales. You see, Surf Snowdonia just happens to be near where my in-laws live. This means,… Read more
Learn to surf with Adventure Bay surf school

Surfing in Cornwall’s forgotten corner

Think of surfing in Cornwall and spots like Newquay and the North coast usually spring to mind. But if you fancy escaping the crowds and discovering one of the county’s best kept… Read more