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Get back in the surf after injury

How to get back in the surf after an injury

It’s typical isn’t it? You’re really in the groove with your surfing, scoring some great waves and seeing real progression. But then on a flat day, you fall off your skateboard and… Read more
Saltwater Brewery Edible Six-pack

US brewery develops edible six-pack rings to help save marine life

It’s estimated that US citizens consume more than 6 billion gallons of beer each year - 50% of which comes in cans. Most of the plastic rings that hold those cans together… Read more
Boost your surf sessions with a healthy diet

How to maintain a healthy surfer’s diet and boost your sessions

Picture the scene. You wake up early for a dawny, the surf’s firing and you’re desperate to get in there. But you’re hungry and haven’t got time to mess about with… Read more
2010 mavericks competition

6 of the world’s heaviest waves

When Laird Hamilton pioneered tow-in surfing in the mid 1990s, it was a major light-bulb moment for big wave surfing. It opened the door to previously unridden breaks and allowed surfers with… Read more

6 exercise hacks to improve your surf fitness

If getting surf fit is one of your goals for this year, but you struggle with time, motivation or money for a gym membership, you’ll need a different approach. Sitting on the… Read more

7 of the world’s coldest surf spots

Yesterday’s Winter Solstice marked the official start of winter - a time when a lot of surfers hang up their wetsuits, sit by the fire and wait it out til Spring. But… Read more
Davi Teixeira Surfing

Team Brazil wins the 2016 World Adaptive Surfing Championship

In an historic day for world surfing, team Brazil took home the gold medal in the inaugural 2016, olympic style team event which took place over 4-days in California. Team Brazil, who… Read more
The UK Surf Awards Winners 2016

The UK Surf Awards 2016 – A night to remember!

The best of Britain’s surfers were crowned champions on Sunday night at an awards evening which celebrated the achievements of our talented individuals, and the UK surfing industry. Held at the Carnmarth… Read more
Porthcawl Surf School - Winner of UK's Best Surf School

The Best Surf School in the UK Award

Last night, at the UK Surf Awards, we revealed the winner of the first ever 'Best Surf School in Britain' award voted for by you, British surfers. After an enormous response to… Read more