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Why we love Surfing in Autumn and Winter

The nights are drawing in, the leaves are falling, and there’s a chill in the air. Frosty mornings are round the corner and Christmas is just a few weeks away. Autumn and… Read more
Kolohe caught inside at pipe

Feel the fear and do it anyway – Surfing through the nerves

Surfing is one of the most natural highs I have ever experienced. It keeps me fit, brings me closer to mother nature and is heaps of fun but, like every surfer, I… Read more
Surfboard Quiver

How many surfboards are in your quiver?

Everyone loves a nice rack... of surfboards. So we thought it was about time we whipped ours out and showed it off. Here's a sample of the boards the guys here at The… Read more
The Unwritten Rules of Surfing

The Unwritten Rules of Surfing

Surfing is a really unique sport. Unlike sports such as football, tennis or hockey, there are no set rules. You are free to enjoy surfing without ever entering a contest - in… Read more

Strapping your Boards to the Car

Last week, a surfboard flew off the roof of a car on the A361 causing a serious collision and injuring 6 people. So we thought we’d put together a quick guide on how… Read more
Surfing In The Rain

5 Reasons to Surf in the Rain

Yep, the weather has let us down again. But this isn't anything new in the UK. If you're waiting for bright blue skies and scorching sun, you could be waiting a while.… Read more
Kirsty and The Surfing Sumo guys at Boardmasters

Landlocked Surf Girl Heads to Boardmasters!

In 1981, a small surfing competition took place on Fistral beach in Newquay. Fast forward to 2014, and Boardmasters is one of the biggest competitions on the UK surf scene. It’s also a… Read more
The Surfing Sumo at Boardmasters

The Surfing Sumo Survives the Storm

Wow, what a weekend! For those of you lucky enough to attend Boardmasters this year, you’ll be more than aware of how the weather played a big part in the festivities. From… Read more
The Surfing Sumo Prize Draw

Boardmasters Prize Draw

The Surfing Sumo loves to give, so we’ve got a bunch of surf goodies to give away including a hand made Handplane courtesy of Otter Surfboards, t-shirts from Steamer Lane and 2… Read more