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Shaping Medina

In 2014 Gabriel Medina became the first Brazilian to win the ASP World Championship Tour. In this short documentary, his shaper John Cabianca, and best friend Miguel Pupo, talk about how this young man… Read more
Surfer Girl Alana Blanchard

Here Come the (Surfer) Girls

In 1959, the film Gidget not only brought surfing to the masses, but showed the world that the sport was not just for men. Ever since then, the ladies have been charging… Read more
Surfing Pipeline from a Drone Camera

The Magic of Pipeline From Above

Until drone cams came along you would rarely see surfing from this kind of angle. Unless you were stood on a cliff top overlooking a point break, or hired a helicopter, your… Read more

7 of the World’s Most Unusual Surf Spots

Think of surfing and the image that typically comes to mind is sandy beaches, warm sunny climates, beautiful backdrops and miles of open ocean. But what about the more unusual places to… Read more
Surfing Pipeline Hawaii

The Wave of the Winter – Pipeline 2014

With the Billabong Pipemasters on hold for another day, we thought we give you a juicy surf documentary to watch instead. Kelly Slater and a host of other North Shore regulars talk… Read more
Stephanie Gilmore

Stephanie Gilmore: Girls who Rip

If you think girls can't surf, think again. If you think girls can only ride mini-mals, think again. This short film of Stephanie Gilmore from film-maker Morgan Maassen shows just how far women's surfing has come.… Read more

The Slyder Cup 2.0

For those of you not in the know, the annual Slyder Cup is dedicated to 'finless' surfing - those who prefer the alternatives to the standard thruster (or even the single fin!). Nicknamed… Read more
Surfing Fitness

5 Ways to Improve Your Surfing Fitness

Surfing is a physically demanding activity which many people underestimate and requires a good all round level of fitness. You need a combination of upper body strength, a strong core, good balance,… Read more
Surfing Lessons in Winter

11 Tips to Survive Winter Surfing

The summer is behind us, the sea temperature is beginning to drop and it will soon be time to ditch the 3:2 wetsuit! Autumn and winter can be the best seasons to surf… Read more