Cornwall Surf Academy

Holywell Bay Holiday Park, Newquay, Cornwall, TR8 5PR

Cornwall Surf Academy has been established since 2003. We run surf lessons throughout the sesson at Holywell Bay Holiday Park,  Cornwall and affiliated with the National Trust, that means have we the added advantage of teaching on uncrowded beaches, we also have free parking and hot showers back at our surf school. If  you are looking for things to do, we are a great day out for both wet weather & those hot sunny days out.

We offer great value surf deals for individuals, group or family bookings. Whether you need to improve your surfing skills or you’re a complete beginner, we cater for all. Our surf instructors are fully BSA qualified so rest assured you will be surfing in safe hands.

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1 Review for Cornwall Surf Academy

  1. Steve Evans
    1 December 8, 2015

    Storms in August created wave conditions not suitable for the under tens.

    The beach was red flagged the day before and the swell and waves on the day of booking were very high and strong.

    Lesson should have started at 10:30 and we were there prompt, the instructor didn’t turn up for another hour as he knew that at that time the waves would be far to big for beginners, unfortunately nobody bothered telling us. So we were there in the drizzle along with other beginners wanting there first surf lesson not knowing when someone would turn up.

    Had to wait for another hour when the instructor did turn up as he said the waves were still too big, unfortunately he took the decision to take the lesson when he did as the waves still knocked myself onto my butt a 15 stone man so when a 4 stone child was bold over and tumbled under the waves then fear kick and two children could wait to terminate there first experience of surfing.

    I love surfing though I am rubbish, the instructor seemed a very nice man and he even said in hind sight maybe should have waited for a few more hours but the damage had already been done.

    Poor judgement made by the instructor and my children weren’t the only ones to quit.

    I don’t like writing bad reviews but I hope other instructors take this on board, bad and good experience stay with you for life . Unfortunately this bad experience for my children have stopped them wanting to try surfing again.

    Steve Evans

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