Coast to Coast Surf School

Belhaven beach, Dunbar, Scotland, EH42 1XF

Coast to Coast Surf school has been offering Scottish surfing lessons since 2004, running classes at our home beach of Belhaven and throughout the Scottish mainland and islands wonderful coastline.

Surfing in Scotland has come a long way since the first pioneers surfed in the late 60′s. Wetsuit technology, internet surf forecasting and high profile surf competitions now regularly highlight Scotland’s world class waves and consistent surf.

Our staff team contains a wealth of experience, with our senior surf instructors all having between 15-22 years experience  surfing the Scottish coastline. Our instructors also have competed at a high level, making semi-finals and finals of national competitions.

We are here:

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2 Reviews for Coast to Coast Surf School

  1. Fabz
    5 October 14, 2017

    C2C it is an institution when it comes to the East Coast!
    All the guys are extremely professional and wonderful human beings. Always ready to accommodate any customers need, from the school to rental to the extraordinary summer tours.
    Always involved in the local community activities and a pleasure to hand out with!
    Shakes all around!!

  2. Peter Trizuliak
    5 October 14, 2017

    Friendly and professional, exactly how I like it!

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