Surf Community Mourns the Loss of Surfing Pioneer Larry Gordon

Larry Gordon Surfing

Larry Gordon, who revolutionised the surfing world by developing foam surfboards, widely used by surf schools and beginners across the globe, has sadly died.

Larry experimented with foam materials at his father’s factory while studying chemistry at university in San Diego.

He began shaping boards in his friend Lloyd Smith’s garage, driven by a shortage of surfboards and the need for something lighter and more manoeuvrable than the heavy balsa wood option. Larry and Floyd launched Gordon & Smith in the late 1950’s and became one of the leading manufacturers in the industry. Their easier to ride foam boards made surfing more accessible and made balsa wood boards obsolete.

Gordon & Smith expanded through the decades to include skateboards and surf wear. The surf industry and the wider community will greatly miss Larry.

Image credit Encyclopedia of Surfing

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