Stephanie Gilmore: Girls who Rip

Stephanie Gilmore

If you think girls can’t surf, think again. If you think girls can only ride mini-mals, think again. This short film of Stephanie Gilmore from film-maker Morgan Maassen shows just how far women’s surfing has come.

Stephanie has just won the 2014 ASP World Championship for the sixth time and from this video it’s easy to see why. But while Stephanie makes it look all too easy, she herself tells a different story. One of determination, drive and competitiveness. You can follow Stephanie and the other girls on the ASP World Tour next year and even watch all the action live online at the ASP Website.

So if you think your arms are too puny, your shoulders too weak or you’re just not keen on getting in the cold water… Man up. Get yourself booked in for a surf lesson and experience what all surfers call ‘the stoke’.


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