How many surfboards are in your quiver?

Surfboard Quiver

Everyone loves a nice rack… of surfboards. So we thought it was about time we whipped ours out and showed it off. Here’s a sample of the boards the guys here at The Surfing Sumo are riding (just a sample though, we’d need a super wide lens to get them all in!).

You’ll probably notice there’s quite a bit of variety, and for good reason. People come in all shapes and sizes, with varying abilities. Waves come in all shapes and sizes. Throw those together and… well you get the picture. So, starting from left to right, here’s a quick roundup of our boards and why we ride ‘em.

The Fish

If you’re a half decent surfer, you’ll be looking to the fish on those small sloppy onshore days. The wider nose and increased thickness will help the board get going and ride through the weaker flat spots of a wave.

If you’ve not been surfing that long, a fish is a good introduction to short boards. The extra foam will help you catch waves easier, whilst the narrower ‘swallow’ tail will allow you to start working on your turns. Similarly, if you’re a big fella or you don’t surf that often (just admit it, you’re unfit) then you’ll love a fish too. More volume equals easier paddling and more waves for you.

The Standard Short Board

Becoming more and more rare these days, the ‘standard’ short board is just that. Designed to work well in average conditions, it’s aimed at the intermediate to advanced surfers as their everyday craft.

For the novice surfer, this is a no no. You’ll struggle for months, if not years trying to get to your feet on this one!

The ‘Once in a Lifetime Board’

She’s a beauty isn’t she? Made from Cedar wood, this one was handcrafted at one of Otter Surfboards shaping workshops. If you have the time (and you’ve always fancied it), we would highly recommend a visit to James Otter’s school of finely crafted woodwork to make yourself one.

There’s nothing better than shaping your own board, except maybe making one from wood. Forget the fancy graphics or the latest trend for resin tints, nothing looks as sexy as natural woodgrain. Show it off to your friends, they won’t believe you made it yourself!

The Mini-mal or Longboard

Every true waterman has one of these in their quiver. On those days when it’s small but perfectly formed, nothing cruises like a long board.

A word of warning – the minimal was NOT invented for beginners! Just because you’ve been out on the foamies a couple of times doesn’t mean you’re ready for one of these. If you get hit by one, or hit anyone else, it will hurt! Have a few more surf lessons on a foam board, and when you can stand up regularly and send the board in the direction you want it to go, then you can splash out on one of these puppies.

The Step Up Board

A feature in any regular surfer’s quiver is the step up board. It’s slightly longer, narrower and often has a rounded or pin tail. This is the board for those days when it’s clean and overhead, or when you’re off to Indo. It’s fast, very fast. Tuck in, set your rail and fire out’ the barrel with the spit… Just like Kelly Slater!

The Shorter, Wider Revolution

The current trend sweeping the surfing nation. Shorter and wider than the standard short board and packing more foam means it’s easier to paddle (so you get more waves), whilst still feeling like you’re riding a pro board. Admit it, you don’t surf as often as you’d like, and you’re not as fit as you think, this is the board you need.

The ‘You’re not ready for this board’ Board

We all know how this one goes. You’re on holiday in Cornwall and decide you’ve always wanted to be a surfer. So you head to the second hand board racks in Newquay and see this little devil. With it’s sexy ‘flame’ graphics and rock bottom price tag, you can’t resist it. Sure, it’s a bit battered and dinged, but it’s gonna look awesome on the roof of your car as you head back up the M5, isn’t it?! Wrong, so wrong.

The Handplane

For those days when there’s nothing breaking out back, just a mental shorebreak. Loads of fun, cheap, and you need virtually no training. It’s like body surfing but better, and it doesn’t matter if you get smashed into the sand by a heaving close out, it’s all part of the fun!

So now you’ve seen ours, how about we see yours? Post a picture of your quiver (even if it’s a one board quiver!) on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with #Lookatmyquiver and we’ll share it. We might even send some free stickers to the best ones ;-)

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