I Sunk Your Battleship!


It’s not often we promote clothing brands here at The Surfing Sumo, but today we got sent something a bit cool and loads of fun! ISYB (I Sunk Your Battleship) is a new clothing brand coming out of the North East Coast with a definite nautical theme. It’s also a bit cheeky as their range of t-shirts feature coded messages (written in semaphore) with a definite adult theme!

So this morning we got an email from these guys along with some messages to decode. See if you can work out what the guys sent us, you can use the alphabet key at the bottom of this page to decode the messages. When you’ve worked it out, post #SunkYou on twitter and we’ll give you a mention.

Head on over to their website for a look at the rest of their range, and this Bank Holiday weekend you can get an extra 10% off EVERYTHING! We particularly love the filthy words skate deck. See if you can work out what it says (Parental Guidance!).





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