Gudauskas Brothers send 200 boards to surf starved Jamaicans

Positive Vibes Jamaican Surfers

It may seem crazy, given the amount of excellent surf spots in Jamaica, but due to high import taxes and tariffs, the country is starved of modern equipment and surf shops. Despite this, there is a dedicated and talented group of frothing surfers on the island, all desperate to get their hands on decent kit.

Back in 2014 Patrick, Dane and Tanner Gudauskas made their first surf trip to Jamaica where they met a devoted posse of surfers and a fledgling surf culture. Affected by what they had seen, the brothers decided they wanted to bring positive change and hatched a plan to bring boards and equipment to the surf starved country.

Soon the ‘Surfboard Drive’ began and using social media and their network of friends in the surf community they managed to pull together no less than 200 surfboards. 2 years later and the plan reached it’s finale when the surfboards arrived in Kingston Harbor, Jamaica. ‘Positive Vibration’ is the story of how they pulled it off with the help of the Positive Vibe Warriors Foundation. The full documentary will be released this autumn.

Positive Vibration Trailer

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