7 New Year’s Resolutions for Surfers

Surf girl New Year

With a new year comes new beginnings and promises that we will do things better – whether that’s making big life changes or starting a new hobby. So why not get the most out of your surfing in 2016 with these resolutions which are guaranteed to make it your best one ever!

Surf more

It sounds obvious but how many times have you planned to go surfing and bailed out because the waves aren’t right, it’s too cold or the dog’s eaten your wetsuit? And when the waves turn out to be epic and you realise you’ve missed out, how much have you kicked yourself and sulked? Do yourself a favour and make 2016 the year when you really will surf at every opportunity. You will progress faster and be the envy of your mates!

Get surf fit

Surfing on its own won’t you make surf fit. You’ll need to supplement it with another activity to maximise your time in the water so hit the gym, swimming pool, take up running or cycling. It will add to your general fitness and certain activities will work muscles that you need specifically for surfing. Yoga is also great for flexibility and helps to prevent injuries.


Ok we get it. You’re so amped to get some waves that you dive straight in there without warming up. But without a good warm up routine, you risk injury and having to cut your session short. Stretching before you hit the waves will maximise your performance and help you surf for longer. A mixture of dynamic and static stretches will get the blood flowing, increase your range of motion and prepare you mentally.

Develop your surf skills

If you’re stuck in a rut with your surfing and don’t feel like you’re progressing, book a lesson to help you along. Whether it’s nailing that pop-up, learning how to turn or trim across a wave, there’s hundreds of surf schools across the UK that offer group lessons, intensive sessions or even one-to-one’s if you prefer some personal coaching.

Share the stoke

Remember how stoked you were when you caught your first wave? Introduce other people to surfing and share that first wave feeling. It’s hugely rewarding and you will have more friends to go surfing with! And if you’re struggling with your resolution to surf more, arrange to surf with friends so you have less of an excuse to back out! Or, when it’s flat, get together with a surf buddy to catch up and share stories – guaranteed to get you stoked and fired up for the next session!

Give something back

Marine litter is not only damaging to your health but also to animals that visit the beach and live in the marine environment. No-one wants to surf and wade amongst rubbish so make 2016 the year when you give something back. Take part in organised beach cleans or, if you live close to the beach, do a 2 minute beach clean. Pick up as much as you can in 2 minutes and either bin it at the beach or take it home and recycle it. Simple!

Look after your kit

Instead of leaving your wetsuit rotting in the car, make sure you rinse it out properly after each surf and hang it up to dry. It will last longer and save you money in the long run. Make sure you get dings repaired promptly so that your board doesn’t take on water and make the problem worse. Better to spend as you go on repairs instead of having to fork out for a new board. And if you’re always losing bits of kits, leave a plastic container in your car including wax, fin keys, gloves, boots and other essentials. That way, you’ll never leave home without them!

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