6 exercise hacks to improve your surf fitness


If getting surf fit is one of your goals for this year, but you struggle with time, motivation or money for a gym membership, you’ll need a different approach. Sitting on the couch isn’t an option if you want to improve your surfing, and surfing alone isn’t going to cut it.

Here’s 6 cost and time effective hacks that you can do at home to fit around your lifestyle;

Training apps

As a society that’s constantly got a mobile phone to hand, why not make use of it and install a training app? Nike Training Club includes over 100 workouts from experts and athletes including world surf league professionals Lakey Peterson and Carissa Moore. Choose the area you want to work on, ie core, legs and the length of the programme – anything from 15 minutes if you’re new to exercise to longer if you want to up the intensity!

Power Cord

If the thought of pounding lengths in the swimming pool bores you or you don’t want to fork out the cost of swim sessions, a Power Stroke Chord is the next best thing. Designed to mimic the paddle action in surfing, the cord will improve all the necessary muscles whilst improving aerobic fitness and building upper body strength.

HIIT sessions

High intensity interval training alternates between high bursts of activity and fixed periods of less intense activity or rest. A bit like surfing really when you’re sat out the back, see a set coming and paddle like crazy to catch the wave!

There are thousands of workouts available on YouTube ranging from quick burst 7-minute sessions to 30 minutes or longer. Choose from cardio focussed or for the explosive action needed in surfing, set your sights on plyometric workouts.


World famous surfers swear by it. Yoga helps build strength and flexibility, and teaches you how to breathe properly. And surfing, like any extreme sport, creates muscular imbalances and postural misalignments – yoga also aids recovery.

As yoga and surfing go hand in hand, you’ll find loads of surf focussed yoga sessions online. No need to go to a class – just fire up the computer or iPad, get the mat out and get your ‘om’ on.

Balance training

If you struggle to stay on your board once you’ve caught a wave, you could benefit from balance board training. There are various exercises you can do, and even combine it with weights. Tutorials are available online if you need some guidance.

Brand new boards are pricey but they often come up on eBay or Gumtree. Alternatively, make your own!

Surf specific exercises

If you’re keen to improve a very specific area of your surfing as well as improving your overall surf fitness, check out surf focussed exercises. Surf Strength Coach for example on YouTube is great if you want to improve your pop-up, build up your paddle endurance or get some general tips on effective stretching. Some of the tutorials involve gym equipment but there are plenty of videos that just need a mat, space and at the most, a foam roller or swiss ball.

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