5 Reasons to Start Surfing


You’ve seen the photos, you know, the ones with those guys ‘deep in the tube’ off some tropical island, all tanned with their baggy shorts hanging halfway down their bum. But now you wanna try it for yourself? Well, looking good in shorts is just one reason to start surfing. Here are 5 more.

1. Surfing is really good for you

Surfing is probably the best full body workout you can get, no question. But not only that, just think how fantastically relaxed you’ll feel after sitting in the ocean breathing in all that lovely, healthy sea air. Not to mention getting a tan at the same time!

2. The Ocean is awesome

Poets, lyricists and writers all agree the oceans are the most awe inspiring of the world’s natural phenomena. Surfers spend most of their time in the ocean, staring at the horizon, waiting for the next big set, contemplating life, love and the universe. What’s not to like about that?

3. It never gets boring

Ever feel like you can’t be bothered to go to the gym? Well it never happens with surfing. Even on the coldest winter mornings you’ll be more than happy to pull on that damp wetsuit and dive into the sea.

4. Surfing is super cool

Let’s face it, surfers are cool, surf clothes are cool, surf culture is cool. Teach your dog to surf too, and your coolness will go through the roof. Oh, and the chicks will love it.

5. Be a rad granddad (or grandma)

Your grand kids and their friends will admire you when you’re old, sun wrinkled and you spend all your pension money on wax and wetsuits. Then, when you’re wife (or husband) leaves you because you spend all your money on surfing, you’ll still be attracting younger partners because you’re still fit well into your sixties.

So what are you waiting for? You’re probably much closer to a surfing school than you think so take a look at our list of surf schools and find one near you!

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