10 surfers you should definitely follow on Instagram

John John Florence - Surfing Rainbow

Pro surfers, shapers and surf photographers have the best jobs and lifestyles on the planet, and thanks to Instagram, us kooks can get a daily insight into their enviable lives.

So, if your feed’s looking a bit dull, you need motivation to progress your own surfing, or you’re after a daily dose of surf porn, check out these 10 surfers accounts you should follow on Instagram:

John John Florence

The current world number one on the World Championship Tour, this boy wonder could be on the way to win his first world title. His feed is littered with adventures from his round the world travels, high octane wave porn, Alley Oops, underwater shots, and throwbacks to his childhood.

Oh, and did we mention his stunning home of Hawaii?!

Kelly Slater

He may not have a won a world title for a few years now but Mr Slater still has tons to shout about like ‘that’ epic wave park, his humanitarian work, countless projects he’s involved with, the latest nutritional craze and some pretty jaw dropping barrels. Throw in some off the wall humour and throwback pics to when he had hair, and you’ve got an eclectic insight into the king of surfing!

Lakey Peterson

She may have slipped down the rankings after this year’s ankle injury but if Lakey’s Insta feed is anything to go by, she hasn’t let this get her down. With one of the most inspiring and enviable feeds of all the female surfers, Lakey combines fitness and nutrition with a healthy dose of adventure and fun! Cue loved up boyfriend shots, GoPro selfies, holidays in stunning locations, and of course adrenalin fuelled surf shots. She even flies planes!

Is there no end to this girl’s talent?

Kook of the Day

When you’ve had a surf that totally sucks and you feel like giving up, just head over to Kook of the Day’s Instagram feed. It’ll remind you that there’s always someone worse at surfing than you…..or who just looks totally ridiculous!

Think surfing fails, wetsuit clad folks doing their supermarket shopping, and surfboards sticking out of vehicles in dangerous ways and you’ve got a daily dose of humour that’s guaranteed to brighten up the crappiest day!

Morgan Maasen

The god of surf photography, Morgan’s feed is crammed full of jaw droppingly hypnotic and beautiful shots from above and below the surface. With a client list that most photographers would trade limbs for, Morgan photographs the biggest names in surfing including Kelly Slater, Stephanie Gilmore and Sage Ericsson.

Lauren Hill

This professional longboarder’s Instagram feed is an enviable reflection of her easygoing, laidback lifestyle. Think graceful, effortless surfing combined with world travels, party waves, hangs with friends and her boyfriend (fellow pro free surfer Dave Rastovich), and you’ve got a feed which will make you want to hang ten and book that round the world trip right now!

Strider Wasilewski

Mr ‘Raspberry’ Wasilewski has one of the best jobs on the planet. From professional surfer to Quiksilver team manager (then marketing manager), he now travels the world and commentates on the WSL tour.

A down to earth, family oriented guy at heart, Strider’s feed is packed with family selfies, world travels, action shots from the channel, sneaky barrels (when he’s off camera), and goofing around with his colleagues.

He may just inspire you to get off the couch and chase after your dream job!

Stephanie Gilmore

The rock star of the female surfing world, the 6-time world champion’s feed is packed with adventures, surfing, quirky selfies and hangs with family, friends and celebrities. And let’s not forget ‘Happy Gilmore’s epic display of talents – as well as a surfer, she’s a model, musician, and plays a pretty mean game of table tennis!

Matt Biolos

Matt ‘Mayhem’ Biolos is the man behind Lost surfboards – one of the world’s biggest selling surfboard brands. He’s something of a legend and shapes boards for the likes of Carissa Moore, Tyler Wright, Taj Burrow and Mason Ho. But kooks fear not – as well as providing quivers for the pro’s, his product catalogue also includes boards for the less than average surfer.

Check out his Insta feed for some serious board porn!

Jamie O’Brien

The guy who once tied his mate John John Florence’s surfboard high up a tree, ‘JOB’ as he’s known to his friends is surfing’s answer to one of the Jackass crew. Jamie’s feed is littered with surfing stunts, (taken from his own show, ‘Who is JOB’), fails, daft selfies and his dog who has his very own Insta feed. But amongst the humour and stunts is some jaw droppingly awesome surfing which, according to his profile on sponsor Red Bull’s website, he let’s do the talking.

Follow his feed and see for yourself!

Image: John John Florence (View from a Blue Moon) via Vimeo

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