Beginner Package

This includes a 2 hour introduction to surfing and 2 x 2 hours board and suit rental to practice your new skills!

Price £48

private 1 to 1

Price £56


The ultimate in adventure activities. Come swim, jump and climb around the cliffs of North Devon with a series of challenges that are sure to get your heart going from swimming through caves to jumping from as high as your nerve will take you!

Price £40

The Taster x1

Try our initial introduction to the waves. Learning about water safety equipment and proper technique to get you up and riding.

Price £36

The Taster x2

Here is where we focus on the skills needed to confidently get you up to your feet and surf into the beach.

Price £68

The Multi x3

The next step into the progression of your surfing. Learning about waves, the correct techniques to a strong stance, balance and the basics of board control.

Price £96

Out The Back x4

The aim of surfing is to catch and trim down the face of a green or unbroken wave. After putting your skills to the test we will aim to push you further and achieve this goal.

Price £118

Premium Family Package

Do you and your family want to learn to surf with that added personal touch? Then come and join one of our instructors with up to 7 members of your family for our more personal service. Select the day you want to surf and we will contact you to arrange the time.

Price £200

The Adventure x5

Five surf lessons at a great saving! Please call us to discuss how you would like to book your sessions.

Price £140